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    Key Books

    Reports & Surveys

    More substantial Resources on several topics (many of which are potential curriculum resources for the academic community) along with survey information. (Resource suggestions encouraged.) Books related to "Reports & Surveys" are set out on  their own page.

    Jerk Bosses: To Coach or Can?

    "On our website, we asked over 2,000 people which of the jerk characteristics would most make them walk out the door. Here's the latest "top five" (six, really), and how they differ for men and women."

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    The Wrong Stuff

    "Is a poor economy to blame for workplace bullies and toxic bosses? No, but a business culture that celebrates aggression and toughness might be."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    E-mail drives office warfare: study

    "E-MAIL has become the weapon of choice in the battleground of modern office politics, a study has found."

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    Survey finds bullying common at work

    "Nearly 1 in 3 American workers say they've experienced two "negative acts" at work weekly in the last six months, researchers from Arizona State University found. That's almost 31/2 times the rate found in studies of Danish workers."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read: Survey finds bullying common at work

    US Companies Lose $105 Billion To Poor People Performance

    "Worldwide companies talk about people being their biggest asset yet they are not taking enough time to ensure they effectively select and utilize their single most important factor – their employees. Hundreds of billions are wasted as businesses squander the talent and potential of their workforce and fail to match the right people to the right jobs."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    It's lonely at the top

    "Almost half of bosses say that dealing with office politics is the worst thing about life at the top, according to a new poll of 1,000 chief executives."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Productivity Hampered By Office Politics And Fruitless Tasks

    "Office intrigue, internal politics and backstabbing colleagues cost British business £6 billion in lost productivity, says new research."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    La-la land: workers happiest in L.A.

    "Nationwide, about 63 percent of workers described themselves as "happy" or "thrilled" with their current jobs, according to the study, which was sponsored by America Online. (America Online is a division of Time Warner, as is CNN/Money.) "

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Views of Depression In The Workplace Differ

    "Employers generally believe they are effectively addressing depression in the workplace, but depressed employees report finding obstacles to treatment, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan Depression Center."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Decrease In Employee Stress At Finnish Workplaces

    "Stress and haste at the workplace have eased somewhat in Finland in recent years. A fresh survey by the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health and Safety indicates that work is no longer as psychologically taxing as before."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Report of the Queensland Government Workplace Bullying Taskforce

    An substantial and excellent Report.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Violence At Work

    A Report from the International Labor Organization on bullying and violent behaviors.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    The Cost Of Violence/Stress At Work And The Benefits Of A Violence/Stress-Free Working Environment

    "This report will explore the problems of stress and various forms of violence at the beginning of the new millennium and the relationship between them. Our main focus will be on the cost of stress/violence. To establish the cost we need a clear indication of the possible effects of stress and violence. In order to put organisations into action such an exploration needs to be comprehensive in the sense that it includes not only the costs to the individual but also the potential costs to the organisations."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Preventing Violence And Harassment In The Workplace

    "The present report identifies the different forms and patterns of violence and harassment in the workplace in the EU and describes the recent upsurge in actiity and initiatives with respect to violence and harassment within the legal arena, with new legislation addressing these problems recently enacted or in the pipeline in a number of countries. It presents evidence of adverse effects on individuals, organisations and society, and assesses the potential financial costs. It also analyses the factors that may contribute to and cause physical and psychological violence, and reviews a variety of good practices with respect to preventing and managing violence and harassment at work."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Bullying From Backyard To Boardroom

    A collection of papers given at a 1994 conference on bullying.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Satisfaction In Workplace Is Declining, Poll Shows

    "According to the Conference Board, only 49 percent of American workers stake a claim to job satisfaction. The national job happiness barometer shows a 10 percent drop from 1995 when 59 percent of workers surveyed described themselves as satisfied."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    How to Quit In Style

    "When work gets stressful, most of us have dreamed of shouting “I resign” to the boss, then stomping out of the office, never to be seen again. But according to a survey compiled by Office Angels, that scenario is miles apart from what normally happens when an employee decides to resign. Sweaty palms, a blank mind and the worry of who to approach makes resigning even more stressful than being grilled for an interview."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    What They're Saying About You

    "Think your staff are crazy about you? Think again. Read our CIO U.S. survey of IT professionals and what they think about their CIOs."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    You've Got Mail -- And The Boss Knows

    "A new survey of 192 companies by Bentley's Center for Business Ethics (CBE) found that 92 percent check up on their employees' use of email and the Internet at work. The study further revealed that 26 percent monitor employees' online activities all the time, not just when something gives cause for concern."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Assessing The Validity Of Job Stress Instruments

    An academic resource on a new approach for assessing the validity of job stress measurements.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques

    "This report defines stress and explains why it is a real problem. Then it gives you practical, tested information and techniques concerning stress. These techniques help to improve the quality, and possibly, the length of your life."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Emotional Abuse At Work: A Target's Perspective

    A substantial research report from the Director of Dispute Resolution at Wayne State University focussed on the systemic and interpersonal aspects of emotional abuse at work from a target's perspective.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Workplace Bullying Survey

    "We asked whether people had been bullied, or had observed someone else being bullied. The results show that bullying is not a minor issue."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Resolving Employment Disputes: A Practical Guide

    "This handbook has been prepared by the American Arbitration Association to guide employers in the responsible development of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures to resolve workplace disputes."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Violence in the Workplace, 1993-1999

    "This report focuses on nonfatal violence in the workplace — rape and sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault — as measured by the NCVS. In addition, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are included to describe the nature of workplace homicide."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Workplace Violence Risk Factors and Prevention

    A Resource from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health that, "reviews what is known about fatal and nonfatal violence in the workplace to determine the focus needed for prevention and research. The document also summarizes issues to be addressed when dealing with workplace violence in various settings."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Dealing With Workplace Violence

    "From the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Covers program development, development of a written policy statement, prevention and case studies."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    What Do You Think Of Your CIO?

    "According to 400 IT professionals surveyed in May, CIOs effectively communicate their department's strategy and goals to the organization but they need to spend more time managing their staff and developing leadership within the IT department."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Bullying In The Workplace - An Acceptable Cost?

    A research dissertation that covers: the roots of bullying, stress and its effects on health, and bullying in the workplace.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    The Dismal Failure Of Whistleblower Laws

    This Resource is a Paper presented to the International Whistleblowers Conference and reveiws laws in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Violence And Aggression In The WorkPlace

    This Resource provides a psychoanalytic perspective of violence and aggression in the workplace. Includes a statistical summary of violence in the workplace and related research.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Destructive Conflict And Bullying At Work

    An often quoted Report from the Manchester School of Management that presents the results of the first nation wide survey of workplace bullying in Britain. "With this report it is possible to establish a comprehensive and reliable picture of the problem and its outcomes. For individuals as well as organisations these results should provide sufficient ammunition to put the issue firmly on the organisational agenda."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Violence On The Job - a Global Problem

    The main findings of the Report are presented including material on psychological violence.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Bullying At Work Survey Report

    The results of a questionnaire sent out to three public service unions in Britian (e.g., "Two thirds of members have either experienced or witnessed bullying.").

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    U.S. Hostile Workplace Survey 2000

    This is a Research Report from The Workplace Bullying & Trauma Institute based on the input of 1335 respondents - all targets of workplace bullying. (This is the largest research sample of its kind in the world.) It provides data on the bullies, the targets, health consequences and economic impact.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Nat. Inst. of Mental Health Brochure On Depression

    A 23-page Brochure from the National Institute of Mental Health that, "gives descriptions of major depression, dysthymia, and bipolar disorder (manic depression). It lists symptoms, gives possible causes, tells how depression is diagnosed, and discusses available treatments. The brochure provides help and hope for the depressed person, family, and friends."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    American Management Assc. 2003 Email Survey

    "In 2003, more than half of U.S. companies engage in some form of e-mail monitoring of employees and enforce e-mail policies with discipline or other methods. In fact, 22% of companies have terminated an employee for e-mail infractions."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    American Management Assc. Corporate Values Survey

    "The report shows that a majority of respondants have witnessed behaviors in the office with value shortcomings: micro-management (70 percent), hidden agendas (56 percent), dissension in senior management ranks (58 percent) and failure to give proper credit (59 percent)."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    An Ethics Toolkit For Managers

    "This guide is a straightforward and highly practical tool designed to help leaders and managers implement comprehensive ethics management systems in their workplaces -- systems to deal with the complex, ethical issues that can occur in the day-to-day realities of leading and managing an organization."

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Stress At Work

    A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health study on the causes of work stress that covers: dangers of stress and steps to prevent stress.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:

    American Perspectives On Workplace Bullying

    This material shares research findings from a review of North American literature on hostile behaviors at work believed to be relevant to workplace bullying.

    Email Link  |  Vault  |  Comments  |  Read:



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